Thank You for Your Generous Support

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Photo by Cameron Pollack ’18 / Sun Photography Editor

With deep gratitude and appreciation, the directors, officers and staff of The Cornell Daily Sun and the Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association, Inc. express their thanks for the generous support of the following donors who contributed at least $250 in either of the last two fundraising campaigns.  The asterisk following a donor’s name indicates those who specifically earmarked his or her contribution for the website fund.  The re-designed website is an accomplishment of which we can all take great pride.

Jennifer A. Archbold ’94

Elizabeth R. Bass ’72*

June D. Bell ’87

Gary A. Beller ’60*

Peter G. Bengelsdorf ’72*

Stuart A. Berman ’79

Mordecai P. Blaustein ’57

Raymond E. Borton ’53*

Ellen M. Braitman ’90*

James A. Branegan, III ’72

Barbara Everitt Bryant ’47*

Karin Hartell Cattarulla ’55*

Stanley D. Chess ’69*

Gary K. Cowell ’60*

Peter H. Coy ’79*

John DiStefano ’80

Lawrence M. Dobrow ’92*

Corey R. Earle ’07*

Rose Gutfeld Edwards ’78

Robert J. Einhorn ’69*

Steven J. Frank ’89

Kathleen A. Frankovic ’68*

Davidson G. Goldin ’93

Ellen Kirk Goldman ’70*

Mark D. Goldman ’71*

David J. Goldston’78*

Alison Bliss Graham ’52

Charles D. Graham, Jr. ’52

Steven K. Grinspoon ’83

Patricia Relf Hanavan ’76*

James C. Hanchett ’53*

Matthew Hintsa ’10

Peter Hoegel, Jr. ’97

Richard B. Hoffman ’67

Serena S. Hu

Scott Jaschik ’85*

Keith R. Johnson ’56*

Nicholas J. Juried ’52*

Matthew J. Kaplan ’89

Marilyn Drury-Katillo ’58

Amelia Welt Katzen ’73*

Wendel F. Kent ’49

Robert E. Kessler ’65

Marc S. Lacey ’87

Robert L. Laufer ’60*

Carl P. Leubsdorf ’59*

Diana W. Lo ’05*

Howard K. Loomis ’49

Roger S. Lowenstein ’76

Philip R. Mann ’68*

Jasmine Marcus ’10*

Paul A. Martecchini ’86

Joseph R. Masci ’72*

Preston M. Mendenhall ’93

M/M Nancy L. Dunhoff ’64 and Barton A. Mills ’64*

Sheila Mossman

Kimberly Fambrough Moy ’91*

Gautham V. Nagesh ’05*

Joel Pisetzner ’73

Richard W. Pogue ’50

Laura Poolin-Rolnick ’89*

Stephen A. Radin ’80

Eric C. Resnick ’94

Gene D. Resnick ’70*

Sam L. Roberts ’68

Joel B. Rudin ’74*

David L. Russo ’82*

Deborah Huffman Schenk ’69*

Manuel Schiffres ’72

Scott S. Schnipper ’81*

John G. Schroeder ’74

Michael Scott ’52

Mark A. Seliger ’83

Charles J. Sennet ’74*

Yuval Shavit ’06*

Kent G. Sheng ’78

Dan Sherman ’10

Peter M. Sherman ’61*

Rebecca A. Shoval ’08

Edward M. Sills ’77*

David B. Simpson ’60

Adam R. Sinovsky ’05*

Steven Sitver ’81*

Leslie Steinau ’65*

Marion L. Steinmann ’50

Aaron S. Stern ’80*

M/M Gail A. Kaminsky ’77 and Curt W. Travers ’76*

Mark A. Underberg ’77

Anne Vitullo ’77*

Ross L. Wagner ’55

Frank G. Washington ’71*

Robert Wininger ’96*

Lawrence S. Wittenberg ’76

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