The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes Its 135th Editorial Board


This post was originally published on March 5, 2017 at

It is an exciting time at The Sun. Our beloved paper is finally, truly entering the 21st century, and the 135th Editorial Board has the awesome (in both the biblical and modern sense) responsibility of shepherding it through its transition.

Fortunately, the newest editors have proven themselves over the past six weeks. They have shown that they have what it takes to publish what a sketchy Princeton Review article once deemed “The Best College Newspaper in America.” Fueled by Gorgers Subs, takeout Thai food and crippling addictions to hallucinations induced by sleep deprivation, The Sun’s editors are more than up for this crazy task.

Without further ado, we are proud to present the editors of the 135th Editorial Board:

At the helm of The Sun is Sophia Deng ’19 (pronounced Sopp-HY-ah), our newly elected Editor-in-Chief. Although Sophia is a sophomore, she has shown experience and a feel for The Sun beyond her years, only forgetting the existence of the opinion department on two occasions. A former blogs editor, Sophia is very excited to finally learn all about this “print paper” to which everyone has been referring.

Dahlia Wilson ’19 finds herself as The Sun’s new Business Manager, which is confusing because she swears she’s “the least corporate person you’ve ever met.” She said this, of course, while discussing her involvement in the exceeding corporate professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, but I suppose we can give her the benefit of the doubt.

In a clear indication of his masochistic tendencies, Josh Girsky ’19 has accepted the punishing job of Managing Editor. After a year of dealing with sleepless nights and recalcitrant staff writers as news editor, Josh said, “Let’s do it again, but with two more sections!” While he’s not busy breaking major stories, raking the university media relations department over hot coals or getting tipsy off one sip of champagne, Josh enjoys reminding his suitemates that moderation, circumspection and a willingness to listen are all valuable qualities to possess.

Jacob Rubashkin ’19, the new Associate Editor, disagrees with Josh about moderation and circumspection — Jacob plans to bring to the opinion section the scalding hot takes he perfected while writing his opinion column, and will continue to do so until he is indefinitely detained by the U.S. government for one too many comments on President Trump’s hand size.

Lydia Kim ’18 is the incoming Advertising Manager. When she’s not at The Sun, she can be found exploring art museums, admiring campus architecture, or with a Starbucks cup in her hand to fuel her caffeine dependency.

Senior Sun officials tell us that Prajj Dey ’18 is our incoming Web Editor, but as of now we cannot verify that Prajj actually exists as flesh-and-blood human being. We have a functioning website, so clearly someone is doing their job.

Zach Silver ’19 has assumed the office of Sports Editor, though his real job at The Sun is social media sensei. He’s always quick to tell you if your posts aren’t on point, and he’s very territorial with his space in the Lynah Rink press box. If you listen closely at the office, you can hear him off in the distance whispering, “Follow Sun Sports on Facebook and Twitter…”

Lev Akabas ’19 will serve as Blogs editor. Lev is known to speak in listicles — ask him what he wants for lunch and his response will be, “Five Sandwiches on Central Campus That’ll Blow Your Mind! (Number 3 will leave you shook).” Jeremiah Kim ’19 will serve as Assistant Blogs Editor, and kindly asks that you not speak to him until you’ve eaten a full breakfast.

Brian LaPlaca ’18 is The Sun’s new Design Editor, and he’d like all of you to know that 95 percent of your questions about Quark are more quickly answered with a Google search than by asking him.

Here to serve another year as Photography Editor is Cameron Pollack ’18. A native of Philadelphia, Cameron possess a magical camera that adds at minimum three points to the attractiveness of his subjects. Assisting Cameron are Assistant Photography Editors Karly “The only thing interesting about me is my inability to straighten my right arm” Krasnow ’18 and Michael “I decided not to show up at the office today” Li ’20.

Resurrecting the long-dormant post of City Editor is Ithaca native Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs ’19, who was almost kicked off his high school newspaper for failing to write about sports, and who insists on wearing his Ithaca Times sweatshirt around the office.

The 135’s esteemed News Editors are Rachel Whalen ’19, of Buffalo, who delights in seeing the pain in the eyes of out-of-staters as they trudge through the snow; Anna Delwiche ’19, of Baltimore, who maintains for some odd reason that the D.C. suburbs aren’t part of “the real Maryland”; and Stephany Kim ’19, of San Ramon, who, despite not being in the Editorial Board picture, is in fact a contributing member of the Sun community.

Incoming Arts and Entertainment Editor Katie Sims ’20 single-handedly destroyed her high school newspaper and now works in a sealed glass booth at the Sun office to prevent further destruction. She is a disappointment to her father, who had hoped she would write for news. Joining her as Arts and Entertainment Editor is Andrei Kozyrev ’20, from Moscow by way of Miami. Andrei strongly denies any involvement in the suspicious circumstances surrounding Saturday’s election.

Arnav Ghosh ’19 is The Sun’s new Science Editor. “Arnav…” managing editor Josh Girsky mused, “now there’s a nice kid who really loves science.” Originally from Mumbai, Arnav is tasked with keeping it real in a world of alternative facts and conspiracy theories.

Due to a booming Ithaca food scene, The Sun has elevated not one but two Dining Editors, Olivia Lutwak ’18and Janna Yu ’18. Though they ran far too kind a review of the Hot Truck during their compet period, they learned from the experience and are now churning out reviews at blazing speed, keeping Cornellians and Ithacans informed of all the latest delectables available.

Juhwan Park ’18
is the new Video and Multimedia Editor. While he’s not busy making content for The Sun he does his own multimedia as a member of Last Call.

Assistant Design Editors Megan Roche ’19, of Hillsborough, and Emma Williams ’19 will be great, but they’ll never be Melody Li in Josh Girsky’s eyes.

The Sun returns to its full complement of Assistant News Editors, with Alisha Gupta ’20, Emma Newburger ’18, Girisha Arora ’20 and John Yoon ’20. If you need to kill five hours, ask Girisha about the best Indian food in Ithaca.

Despite our lackluster athletics, The Sun has deemed it necessary to employ a record four Assistant Sports Editors: Charles Cotton ’19, Josh Zhu ’20, Jack Kantor ’19 and Jamil Rahman ’19. That’s an assistant editor for every win by the Big Red football team this year.

Marketing Manager Kathleen Joo ’18 aims to bring the people skills and business acumen she has acquired at the hotel school to the business side of The Sun.

Finally, Dustin Liu ’19, The Sun’s incoming Human Resources Manager, is one of the only non-celebrities I know to consistently get over 1,000 likes on his Facebook profile picture, which I assume is a good thing for a Human Resources Manager to be doing. He is incapable of smiling with his teeth closed.