The Sun Welcomes Its 136th Editorial Board

After a grueling six-week process where all potential editors are sent into The Sun’s 139 W. State St. office to viciously fight to prove their aptitude for editorial positions, The Sun elected a new editorial board Sunday — and it only took them six hours!

Helming the editorial side of the Sun is Jacob Rubashkin ’19, who shadily would not admit he was running for editor in chief until the last possible moment. It’s OK, Jacob — we could see it in your eyes. He knows all the words to “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast, so we can be sure the paper is in good hands.

John Miller ’20 is the freshly minted business manager. He seems to always be wearing a suit jacket, so by all indications he is a capable businessperson.

With a single look, managing editor Girisha Arora ’20 can make anyone in the newsroom change their mind. She keeps everyone in check, and does it while simultaneously being the single best person in the office. Chronically dehydrated assistant managing editor Alisha Gupta ’20 refuses to drink Ithaca water because it will never live up to the splendid water of Overland Park, Kansas.

Associate Editor Katie Sims ’20 is still trying to make up for disappointing her dad by joining the arts section instead of news. Are you proud yet, Dad?

Heidi Myung ’19, incoming advertising manager, enjoys long treks, uphill both ways, in the snow, to The Sun’s office, which she considers her weekly workout. Evidently, she’s the strongest person on the staff.

Web editor Varun Iyengar ’21 is not only doing a killer job resuscitating the Web team, but also is actually making headway in making a tiny ponytail chic.

Sports editor Dylan McDevitt ’19 has learned to read, write, report and edit objective articles in the past month and a half, all while under the influence of gallons and gallons of Diet Pepsi. Joining him as assistant sports editors are Jack Kantor ’19, who skipped the entirety of our “compet” trial period but was still elected; Raphy Gendler ’21, who wears a different piece of Minnesota athletic team apparel every day; and “New York City native” Johnathan Stimpson ’21, who’s actually from suburban Connecticut.

Megan Roche ’19 invented the role of projects editor for herself, and she dramatically presents approximately 17 proposals per day, so I guess she’s working hard.

Emma Williams ’19, not to be confused with Megan Roche ’19, is often confused with Roche despite being and looking very different. She’s a ruthless bee killer in the lab but brings life to the pages of The Cornell Daily Sun.

When photography editor Michael Li ’20 isn’t juggling assignments for The Sun, you can find him pointing a camera at mundane scenes and somehow turning them into works of art. Edem “I’m Fine I’m Just Crying in the Club” Dzozomenyo ’20 and Boris “I Can Cover That” Tsang ’21 are the assistant photo editors.

This year, The Sun will be graced with two blogs editors. Jeremiah Kim ’19 may initially seem intimidating and to be a brooding artist type, but his smile is so warm it could melt away a winter’s worth of Cornell snowGriffin Smith-Nichols ’19 has superb flexibility both in spoken language and dance moves.

There are four lede-editing, headline-writing, fact-checking, Oxford-comma-removing news editors for the next year. BreAnne Fleer ’20 created an underground YouTube channel to criticize her high school’s administration, Yuichiro Kakutani ’19 introduced himself to everyone at The Sun with a different name, Shruti Juneja ’20 has taken approximately 600 Buzzfeed quizzes in the past six months, and Anu Subramaniam ’20 has become 50 percent Greek life and 50 percent Sun. They’re joined by assistant news editors Anne Snabes ’19Meredith Liu ’20Paris Ghazi ’21 and Sarah Skinner ’21.Reprising his role as city editor is Nicholas Julian Frank Bogel-Burroughs ’19 who has  bylines in nearly every Ithaca newspaper under his belt.

Science editor Amol Rajesh ’20 is encouraging reporting on the business side of science to find out where he can make the big bucks after graduation. Chenab Khakh ’20, assistant science editor, frequently disturbs her roommate’s peaceful slumber to talk lovingly about the science section.

Justin Park ’19, video editor, is now accepting donations of any video production equipment or Adobe Premiere licenses. Liz Cantlebary ’21, The Sun’s first Snapchat editor, can tell you exactly which major at Cornell matches with literally anything.

Arts Editor Lev Akabas ’19 ditched Sunspots for the glamour of hunching over a computer for hours making the Arts section for print. He’s joined by assistant arts editors Viri Garcia ’20, internet culture expert; and Peter “Podcast Pete” Buonanno ’21.

As the Design Department at The Sun continues to grow and fracture, there are three new Design subsection editors. Alicia Wang ’21, sketch editor, and Helen Hu ’21, graphics editor, basically brought their departments into existence in the last six weeks, and Julian Robison ’20 ran for layout editor so he could organize a design department movie night to watch Shrek 2.

Dining editor Jacqueline Quach ’19 keeps a tiny notebook of hilarious jokes so she’s always ready when opportunity strikes. She’ll be dishing out criticism and praise about Ithaca restaurants with assistant dining editor Catherine Horng ’21.