Get Involved

The Cornell Daily Sun has a secret weapon, and you’re it.  Like a lot of news organizations, we are scrambling to find new sources of revenue while coping with declining ad sales.  Cornell is one of our most important advertisers, but the university does not give us any direct support – which is a good thing, because we are an independent newspaper.  And we need your help to keep it that way.

On April 21, ten of the Sun’s editors and managers met with several dozen alumni at an evening reception at the Cornell Club in New York City.  We held a frank discussion about a big problem. Last year, for perhaps the first time in its history, the Sun relied on donations to keep the newspaper publishing.  We are hugely grateful to our alumni for this lifeline, but we also know three things:


– This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. That is why the Sun has moved decisively to balance its revenues and expenses. If you want the details, please sign up for our alumni newsletter or e-mail us with your questions.  

– Breaking even isn’t good enough.  The Sun needs to grow in new ways, and several specific plans are underway to enhance our revenues (sign up for the details).  Each new initiative will require investments of money and time.

–  We can’t do this alone.  We are looking for alumni volunteers to get involved as mentors and advisors, and we are moving to collaborate with the university and local media in new ways.  Watch for a specific announcement in mid-July.

We were encouraged by the discussion in New York, and we were grateful to hear from many alumni who told us they were willing to help.  Please sign up here, and we will keep you informed as our plans move forward.  And if you would like to make a donation, we would be super grateful.  


Please make sure to provide us with up-to-date contact information so that we can stay in touch about opportunities and upcoming events for Sun alumni.