2016 Freshman Issue Launches

Fresh copies of the 2016 Freshman Issue were mailed to incoming Cornell freshmen on July 14. The Freshman Issue includes a 48-page main issue highlighting top stories from the past year and a 44-page student guide.

We are also excited to announce that this is the first year that the print content can be found online at freshman.cornellsun.com. This new digital feature expands the reach of our Freshman Issue and connects incoming students early on to The Sun’s online content.

Highlights of this issue include:

Mae JemisonA Brief History of Cornell Scientific Breakthroughs

Bill Nye ’77 isn’t the only famous Cornell scientist. Throughout the course of its history, Cornell researchers have made major scientific discoveries in plant biology, physics and more. Read more.

Left: Prof. Mae Jemison MD ’81 becomes the first African-American woman to travel into space, serving as the science mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s second spaceflight.

Banks | The Hype Is Here. The Hype Is Now.

The Cornell Bubble often masks a harsh reality. For columnist Amiri Banks ’17, when he steps out of this bubble, when “stripped of all the privilege, ambition and accolades, I am a black man, which means I can be restrained and executed, by gun, with little or no regard for my identity as a Cornellian.” Read more.

Cornell Women’s Lacrosse Wins First Ever Ivy League Tournament

On May 4, the Red faced Princeton, one of four teams who managed to defeat Cornell during the team’s phenomenal spring season, and both teams were out for blood. Scoring went back and forth between the Red and the Tigers all game, and at the end of regulation both teams had nine goals, forcing overtime. However, once the whistle blew to start the overtime period, the Red won the draw and never looked back. Read more.

Cornell’s Artistic Legacy

Cornell alumni have gone on to produce Broadway musicals, engineer new instruments and pen influential novels after leaving the Hill. Among the many the many Cornellians who shaped the humanities and the arts over the years are Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. ’44 and Toni Morrison M.A. ’55. Read more.

ConsentThe ‘Gray Area’ of Consent: Cornellians Share Stories

How do Cornellians navigate the tricky landscape of hooking up, partying and asking for consent?

“A lot of people avoid [asking for consent] because they think asking ‘Is this okay?’ sounds lame, but it’s not,” said Annie Fernandez ’17. “I’ve never heard of anyone losing a romantic or sexual pursuit because they checked in with the other person.”

Read more.