Meet the 134th Editorial Board

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Members of the 134th Editorial Board pose for a photo in the Alumni Hall at 139 West State Street.

This article was first published here on March 6, 2016.

Following a stress-laden six weeks of compet, several orders of Capital Corner’s “sugar dough” and some additional classified shenanigans, The Sun has embarked on a new era. The 134th editorial board includes some of the best, brightest and most sleep-deprived students on campus.

What will this year hold? The incoming board has high hopes that no mice will make a reappearance in the office and that no websites will crash. Beyond that … well, give them some time to figure it out. It’s not like they have a paper to put out tomorrow.

Without further delay, we are proud to present the editors of The Sun’s 134th editorial board:

Helming The Sun is Sofia Hu ’17, who was elected as the Editor In Chief of this institution. However, she’d just like to remind you that this institution is a community — not a hierarchy — and that change comes from the bottom-up — and not from the top-down. We asked her about her vision for The Sun, but she told us that this is a shared-governance organization. Voted “most likely to pick your brain — literally,” Sofia pulls long hours at a research lab when she’s not pulling long hours at The Sun’s office.

Louis Liu ’18 will serve as the Business Manager. An Applied Economics and Management and a Biology and Society double major from Beijing, China, he sports not one, not two, but four tattoos. He vows to bring the institution to his level of radness, but we often can’t hear what he’s saying over the loud pink-ness of his fresh sneakers.

After being taken emotionally hostage by Fox News, lady reporter Phoebe Keller ’18has used her recently found freedom to rapidly ascend the ranks to serve as Managing Editor. When not penning controversial mega-hit articles or fixing headlines, she can be spotted roaming Collegetown after dark on her way to yet another lit Sun mixer.

Paulina Glass ’18, the new Associate Editor from Seattle, Washington, has recently entered a bitter hair war with a certain Arts Editor for the title of “Best Blond.” Regardless of who wins that prized position, Paulina’s sunny disposition already brings more brightness to The Sun than her hair ever could.

Advertising Manager Jordan “Baby J” Epstein ’18 hails from Tampa, Florida and studies economics and government. “I don’t know if there are any fun facts about me,” Epstein said. “Please buy an ad.” We already know he’s going to be great at his job.

Ryan Torrie ’17 is the incoming Web Editor and also from Tampa, Florida. If he could be any file format, he says he would be a .txt.

Adam Bronfin ’18, the new Sports Editor, is from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Ridgewood, New Jersey is a mid-size suburb 30 minutes from New York, according to Adam. He used to play lacrosse in high school, which is basically the only requisite we had for sports editor.

Sophia Deng ’19, a California native, will serve as Blogs editor while missing the sunshine she left for the cloudy cold of Ithaca.

Known for his flaming liberal and radically progressive political views, Dennis Fedorko ’17 is the loudest, proudest Democratic voice in the office. He will serve as this board’s Design Editor but might end up instituting himself as dictator of The Sun. Watch out.

Philadelphia native Cameron Pollack ’18, the new Photography Editor, brings passion and talent to his post. When he’s not searching for the perfect shot, you can find him in hot pursuit of America’s finest slice of pizza. Photography is no picnic; while shooting concerts he has been kicked in the head by three crowd surfers. Assistant Photography Editor Brittney Chew ’17 is also no stranger to the craft, seamlessly shooting sports games while studying heat and energy transfers as a mechanical engineer. She is leading the photography department for the second year in a row, because there is no way we could have gone on without her.

Representing three different years at Cornell, Yun Soo Kim ’17, Josephine Chu ’18 andJosh Girsky ’19 bring a chipper office presence to their grueling and thankless job. Besides having different class years, they also come from vastly different locales, Vietnam, Delaware and “two towns over from Phoebe,” respectively.

Incoming Arts & Entertainment Editor Shay Collins ’18 can be found on the Arts Quad, convincing common folk that pop punk is intellectually relevant. It doesn’t look like he’s succeeding, but don’t worry, he’s crafting a two-year action plan right now to address that. The second Arts & Entertainment Editor Troy Sherman ’18, on the other hand, is frequently spotted skating and talking about skating, as well as combing his luscious blond hair in pursuit of that aforementioned “Best Blond” title.

Divyansha Sehgal ’18, the Science Editor from Delhi, India, has a lot on her mind. When she’s not pondering Doctor Who, she’s devising a plan on how she will survive when computers take over the world.

With arguably the “sweetest” job on the board, Dining Editor Emily Jones ’18 sure has it good. Unlike classic college students who live on ramen, she’s in charge of coverage of all of Ithaca food events from Applefest to Chilifest and delicious local restaurants.

Assistant Design Editor Melody Li ’17 fills the design candy drawer with her own homemade cookies, and Assistant News Editors Madeline Cohen ’18 and Stephanie Yan ’18 have vowed to keep it filled so the long nights spent designing and headlining can be made a little sweeter with a sugar buzz.

When they’re not being forgotten in The Sun’s articles, Jack “I’m almost done webbing” Kantor ’19, Zach “Zach Silver!” Silver ’19 and Shan “not to be confused with Shane” Dhaliwal 18 can be found assisting Adam in his tireless quest to get sports on the front page. The prodigal sons, as they’re commonly referred to, represent the newest “Big Three” in sports.

Marketing Manager Megan Lee ’18 is a triplet from both Los Angeles and Hong Kong. She brings her cosmopolitan expertise and teamwork ability (obviously triplets learn to work together) to the board.

Rounding out the board is Human Resources Manager Sierra Rinaldi ’18, a self-professed 20-year old cat lady. In her position, she’ll care for all those under The Sun with the same dedication she gives to her four cats at home.

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