A New Horizon for The Cornell Daily Sun

Photo by Cameron Pollack '18 / Sun Photography Editor

Photo by Cameron Pollack ’18 / Sun Photography Editor

This Letter From the Editor was first published here on May 8, 2016.

Here at The Sun, our foremost task is to serve the public by producing quality, comprehensive reporting.

What this mission means has changed over the years. Increasingly, the most informative news is not published a day later, in next day’s paper issue, but rather continuously updated online. Additionally, without the time or space constraints of a print paper, stories published digitally are becoming more comprehensive and drawing on multimedia and graphical elements to tell more thorough narratives.

As a result, more and more Cornellians are finding our stories through social media and our website than in the newsstands. We strive to provide the stories you want to read on the platforms you use, and for the past semester, we’ve closely examined how we can do that better.

So, starting in the fall semester, The Sun will print three days a week — on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. By freeing ourselves from the constraints of a daily print model, we are pushing ourselves further to pursue top-quality, around-the-clock journalism. Fueling our decision to restructure the print production is an ambitious vision for The Sun.

We aspire to bring you breaking news, sports updates and arts coverage as soon as possible. We aim to provide more investigative reporting, in-depth opinion pieces and dynamic multimedia on the issues you care about. We endeavor to actively and thoughtfully showcase the diversity and complexity of this campus. Ultimately, we are fully dedicating ourselves to improving the quality and depth of our journalism.

Pursuing these goals is no easy task, but we will work with persistence and determination. Over the coming months, we will expand and strengthen our website, incorporating more graphic and interactive features. We will put more thought and effort in recruiting, training and mentoring our staff in order to build a more collaborative community of writers, editors, photographers, designers, videographers and business associates.

We will also rethink our print paper, which remains integral to our coverage, and use it to showcase more in-depth stories from all sections. Our three print publications each week will evolve to feature long-form features and polished, extensive stories. With stronger pieces from news, opinion, sports, arts, dining and science, we will give you more compelling reasons to pick up The Sun’s physical copies.

We’ve reached a pivotal moment in history of The Cornell Daily Sun. Excited as we are to lead The Sun in this new direction, we also know we’ll be making mistakes. In the midst of this exciting progress, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please never hesitate to email us at [email protected], find us on Facebook, or stop by at our office at 139 West State Street.

More than just being a daily, The Sun is becoming a 24/7 publication — your go-to source for Cornell news and opinion at any time of day, in print and online. Thank you for joining us on this wild adventure, and stay tuned.

Sofia Hu ’17, editor in chief
Phoebe Keller ’18, managing editor
Paulina Glass ’18, associate editor

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